Saturday, March 16, 2013

April it is...
So the date is finally set for the big one––April 11th. BIG one as in the rib tumors surgery. If you haven’t been following, I have two large benign tumors on each of two ribs, one on the front right side and one on the back right side. They have been there for years undetected until last summer when discovered in my chiropractor’s office and from there the search was on for a diagnosis. The tumors are growing into the chest cavity so not noticeable from the outside. Now they have to come out because of their present size and the future danger to my spine or organs. A CT has shown the tumors have not grown since last fall so the surgery can proceed with out any problems.

The ordeal of waiting for a date for this surgery and to get it all over with has been a long one. Kenn and I have had our lives put on hold since last June from the initial diagnosis and the subsequent discovery of breast cancer. Having closed our cleaning business and moved from Tucker to my parents’ home in Marietta has changed our life from one that was once productive to one of complete dependence on others and our heavenly Father. This time has been both humbling and at times embarrassing to a period of drawing closer to God and worthwhile faith building. We are both in a place of daily seeking God for our next steps.

My days are filled with never ending paperwork for medical claims, hospital financial aide and income taxes. Yea!! I finished that blasted tax return! The time I’m not at my desk we are shuttling my Mom or Dad to doctor appointments and more-than-can-be-counted errands for their busy lives ( although they are in assisted living ). My doctor appointments have been numerous as well with January having been another health crisis. And now I approach the April surgery. In March alone we, Mom and Dad will have had eight doctor appts and/or procedures, I will have had seven appts and/or procedures and Kenn one doctor’s appt. I’m stunned at how much of a full time job this has been! I am so disappointed that I have not been able to paint. I need uninterrupted time to get back into the patterns of creative thinking in order to practice my craft again. It seems impossible to get to that place. I’m trying....

Overall my life is full of love, hope and joy. Moving to Marietta has been a blessing in that I’m nearer to my family and closer relationships are developing as a result. Kenn and I are finally able to share more in the care of our parents and we are trying to make up for the absence when we lived farther away. We have no doubts about God’s moving us back to Marietta during this season of our lives.

We have not left all behind in Tucker though. We still have "family" there as well and go to our church on LaVista Road twice a week. All our newer friends ( from the last 20 years or more ) live in Northeast Atlanta and we miss being close to them. Most of our business clients have become close friends and they have supported us continually through these last seven months. We are so blessed to have so many extraordinary people in our lives. I thank God every day.