Friday, June 29, 2012

meeting the new doc ......
on wednesday, we met with the breast surgeon at his offices in alpharetta––because we were willing to go all the way there, we were able to take someone’s  cancelled appointment and get in immediately.

dr. garcha is a fine, young and very capable surgeon. his demeanor was pleasant and he was quite affable and attentive. we covered all the angles and he patiently answered our numerous questions without hesitation. the information was forthcoming and gave us a great deal of confidence in his expertise––after all, dr. d. highly recommended him. [ we were pleasantly surprised to meet one of his associates who, as it turns out, is a graduate of WHS––class of 1998––that's a little after our class ... ]

dr. g. ordered an MRI so he could get a clear picture of where the lump is located and just how much material he will have to remove to insure nothing is left behind. we were able to book the appointment while in his office ... this friday at 8:45am.

this morning we rose at 5:45––another early morning in our journey––and made our way to northside hospital arriving just after 7am ... we had a little time so we found the cafeteria and had a nice breakfast together ... they even served oatmeal, granola and had a plethora of fruit and toppings to enjoy!

the MRI took a couple of hours and once completed, it was suggested by admissions that marilyn go ahead and do the prep for her upcoming operation. this would save us another trip to the hospital. so, we went to the prep area and she had blood work done along with an EKG. we were finished around noon so it was another five hour stay. so now it’s on with the surgery, july 6!