Thursday, August 16, 2012

more tests and new surgeon...... 
I have hesitated to post any updates, things change as quickly as I post. But this is the latest update for the last 9 days.

After meeting my plastic surgeon, whom I loved, it was decided that I see another thoracic surgeon - Dr. John Moore, chief of thoracic surgery at Northside Hospital.  My plastic surgeon has worked with him many times and they together have worked on similar cases as mine. Another plus with the new surgeon is that all three of my surgeons will be at Northside where I have some financial aide available. It all makes sense for the change, I'm feeling good about this teem. Now the three surgeons are "talking" to decide which surgeries to schedule, in what order, and when. I'm just sitting back and waiting to hear the dates.

Meanwhile the thoracic surgeon has ordered more tests in preparation for the upcoming surgery on the rib tumors. MRI of the spine, breathing test, MRA and MRV of the chest and a Pet scan/CT scan. I've had the MRI of the spine and the others will be completed sometime next week.

Other than my own issues, my 82 year old mother fell at her assisted living home and has been hospitalized for a brain bleed. Tests over the last two days are showing it not be a major issue but after several more days in the hospital we will probably see her going to a rehab center for a couple of weeks to build her strength. Our days have been back and forth to hospitals - Kennestone for mom and Northside for me.  Husband Kenn has been a trooper for going to all visitations and with me to all my tests. What a great guy!

I'm still working on the appeal for my denied insurance claims. All but a few tests and procedures are being denied still and I hope to rectify that soon. God is directing me in all things and making my decisions easier. He keeps me in peace and confident in his provision. We are doing well and holding up remarkably. Thank you all for your continued prayers and support - God is SO good!