Tuesday, June 26, 2012

rewards of waiting .......
The second best thing that happened today was that I didn’t have to drink the barium drink, citrus flavor. This morning Dr. D called me just prior to the time for me to drink it as he had canceled today’s scheduled PETscan.

The best thing that happened today ....... Dr. D told me that my bone tumors are not cancerous!!!!!!! confirmed by the second biopsy. They are Cavernous Hemangiomas, vascular tumors that are benign and very rare. You can’t imagine what spectacular news this is! The fact that my breast cancer has not metastasized to my bone is nothing short of a gift of life. As it stands, the breast cancer and the bone tumors are totally separate conditions and the fact that I have these tumors in the bone precipitated my discovering the breast cancer. Praise to my heavenly Father!

I already have an appointment with the breast surgeon tomorrow at 2:00 to determine what kind of surgery is recommended and maybe I’ll have an idea of when that will take place. After the surgery it will be back to the oncologist, Dr, D. for treatment prescribed, most likely radiation and hormone therapies.

We didn’t discuss what we’ll do about the bone tumors. They are on the back burner for now while we take care of the breast cancer. What I’ve read is that surgery to remove the tumors is usually prescribed but what do I know at this point?

Kenn and I tried to absorb the news and went to clean two houses. It is so strange to carry on with regular work and allow all this to sink in––what a roller coaster ride it has been! We are on the top flying high today but at the same time I am doing what I am usually doing, cleaning toilets and dusting other people’s houses.

And now .... I think I will try and get some rest ...