Wednesday, July 11, 2012

OK, girls, it isn’t that bad. Actually other than the first part before surgery, the procedure was just nothing to be anxious about. The mammogram and insertion of the guide wire ( to guide the surgeon to the tumor with exactness ) was a bit painful due to the deadening shots but we are adults and should be able to handle those by now. It was an outpatient procedure with the day beginning  at 7am and ending when we left the hospital at 3:30. I was a little sleepy but hungry ( nothing to eat since dinner the night before ) and Kenn took me to the Galaxy Diner for scrambled eggs. I went home to sleep off the pain pill and was up good as new Saturday morning.

No more pain pills were needed the next morning ( actually didn’t need the one I had after the surgery ) and I felt so normal that we went to a cookout with the church folks Saturday afternoon. Sunday I went to church, out to lunch and then to a neighborhood pool to sit on the side cooling my feet and visiting with friends. Monday we worked cleaning one house and took my Mom and Dad to lunch up in Marietta. So, you can see that the surgery was not something to stop life from happening as usual. This is an amazing time we live in!

I am happy to report that my lymph nodes were clear and some radiation treatment will complete my breast cancer management. I am so happy with the breast surgeon. He’s a great guy–cute too– and did excellent work. It was a surprise that there were no stitches, not even a bandage––glue was used! It waterproofed the incisions so that I could take a shower just 24 hours after surgery.

I’ll be seeing Dr. D next Wednesday to hear more about the radiation for the breast cancer and get some news on the management of the rib tumors. I have the name of the chief of thoracic surgery at Northside Hospital who Dr. D is referring me to. This will be interesting .......

The down side to it all has been dealing with the insurance company. I’ve learned that they are investigating my medical claims. They are holding payment on anything until they are convinced that my conditions are not preexisting. Their questions are understandable since my policy has only been in effect since March 1 this year––but none of my records will show anything existing pre-May 18th nor will any of my physicians indicate any condition existed before that time either. So when this investigation concludes, Humana will pay. Sorry guys––you are just out of luck.
What a hassle!