Tuesday, November 20, 2012

yeastie beasties....
All is going well except for some pesky fungi overgrowing in my whole system. Anyone that has had multiple doses of antibiotics can experience an overgrowth of the natural candida yeast normally found in our bodies. The antibiotics kill off the healthy bacteria in your gut that keeps the yeast in control. The overgrown yeast can get into your blood stream and cause all sorts of mischief. In my case I had begun feeling "sickish" since my minor out patient surgery on November 6. I was feeling irritable first ( to be expected ) and then I began having whooshing sounds in my head, rapid heart beat, drunk-like dizziness, headaches, and a complete brain fog along with some hives. I just felt pretty awful for a week and just hibernated in the house with absolutely no motivation to do anything except the necessary.

 I thought at first I was just recovering from the anesthesia and the fatigue of the long drawn out move. But then it dawned on me! I've had 4 rounds of antibiotics since May beginning with a root canal that I had that month. Then three more after my three surgeries ( lumpectomy, mastectomy, and nipple removal) with antibiotics after each. No wonder I had a yeast overgrowth!

I was glad that I could recognize this nasty condition due to having had to treat and eliminate the same problem in the early 80's. With helpful info online and getting some supplements and following the no-yeast diet, I have eliminated most of the uncomfortable symptoms in the last 4 days. I have to continue to avoid sugar and starches ( which feed the yeast ) as much as possible for a while and take some probiotics to replenish the healthy bacteria destroyed by the antibiotics. I have felt worse from this condition than any to date in my current health ordeal. Wouldn't you know that it was caused by the treatment of drugs making me sick!  But a necessary assault on my body, I suppose.

I've not heard from the Independent Review Organization reviewing my newest insurance appeal. I would hope to hear early but their time limit is up on Dec 14th. I'll just keep on waiting, but it is tiresome. At least I've had a chance to treat the yeast toxins and be in better health when the time comes. Also I'm so thankful for the time to recover and unpack from the move. This is also tiresome...... but we are settling into our new digs in Marietta and enjoying being close to family.

In the last appeal to the IRO I include images of my rib Hemangiomas. I took some camera shots of my CT scans from the Doctor's computer screen, uploaded them to my computer, and printed out hard copies to send along with other documents and letters. I'll share these images  below for you to see what I've been describing in previous posts. These CT images are viewed from below looking up toward my head so the right side of my body will appear on the left. They are "slices" of my mid section at different points along my chest.  The CT was taken in May of 2012.

 Posterior 7th right rib
( lower left of chest wall
near spine )

Front right 5th rib tumor ( behind right breast )

I'll take a break on Thursday from my self-induced restriction on all things good to eat. Yum, pies and cake and the cornbread stuffing! My yeasties will love it but so will I. Happy Thanksgiving to you all and may you be blessed this season.