Wednesday, June 27, 2012

surgery scheduled......
Today we saw the breast surgeon. The doctors get younger and younger–––but we really liked him because he answered all our questions and gave us all the time we needed.

An MRI is ordered for Friday this week and the results next Tuesday will confirm that a lumpectomy is the best course. This out-patient surgery will be scheduled for Friday, July 6th. Recovery should take only a couple of days. Radiation for 5 days a week for the duration of 6 weeks should follow soon after surgery. I’m not sure yet about hormonal therapies being used in treatment as well. All in all, I’m getting off extremely easy. Surely not what I was facing if the bone tumors had been cancer. The breast cancer is no longer this threatening insurmountable thing and it all feels like I have just a summer cold to cure by comparison.

My doc is presenting my hemangioma tumors to a thoracic conference and may be seeking outside opinions to determine how to proceed with the rib tumors.

This has been quite a month and we are emotionally exhausted. One minute I’m drawing up my will and getting ready for the worst and now I’m to go back to regular life schedules and problems. In between life moving on I’m still scheduling tests and procedures, taking care of numerous insurance issues and paperwork and trying to work as much as possible. All is good but really hard on the body and mind. Kenn and I have drawn closer through this so that is a wonderful blessing. Humor has been a big part of getting through this and keeping our spirits up but God’s word and promises have been the strength that has sustained us. The many and constant prayers lifted up for me and for Kenn have been felt all along and I thank you all for them. Please continue to lift us up while we seek his direction, his provision and his continued peace.