Monday, November 5, 2012

if you haven't heard....
I'm not having the huge rib surgery tomorrow. I was not able to obtain an expedited independent review to appeal my continued denial of coverage for the rib tumors. The surgery was canceled and now we are waiting for up to 45 days ( standard review ) to get a decision from the IRO ( independent review organization ).

 I'm hoping and praying that a decision will come sooner and that if the ruling is overturned that my surgery could be scheduled before the end of the year. It would save us lots of money to get it in before January 1 because we have already met our max out of pocket for this year. You may think we are disappointed but after the move has worn us out we are relieved that we will have time to recover from the physical toll of this last month. I am having a minor procedure related to the breast cancer tomorrow in an outpatient surgery but will recover in a day or two and be back to normal. It will give us some time to unpack here in Marietta and get our life back in order.

The move took us longer than expected and it was just today ( Monday ) that we were finally able to hand over the keys to our landlord. We celebrated the day had FINALLY arrived! We really thought this day would never get here such was the difficulty of the move. We both walk with a limp, are stooped over a bit, have a few more gray hairs and constantly forget what day it is. Moving ages us old folks at least 3 years in a month.  Again, I state that we are glad that tomorrow is NOT my big surgery! God is watching out for us! His timing is always best.

I will keep you posted on the independent review. We appreciate all of you who have been so interested in how we are doing, praying for us, supporting us and loving us. We are humbled.