Friday, June 22, 2012

very promising...... 

Wow, do I have an update today!!!  In my last post I mentioned that we had learned the results of my bone tumor biopsy from the oncologist's nurse. We were in his office Thursday to drop off insurance paperwork for the doctor to sign and I was determined to stay until someone would tell me the results of my then 8 day old test. I should have had results in 3 to 5 days and I was tired of waiting!! After sitting in the waiting area for half an hour the nurse took us to a private room and sat us down. She said that my biopsy showed that I had bone disease and that it was cancer. I asked her if the pathology was the same as the breast cancer. She answered yes. The nurse said that the office was giving us an earlier doc appointment for Friday 8:30 am. and the doc would go over it with us... OK.

It was really strange for both of us after this news. We were unaffected, almost no emotion and really calm. I stayed happy all day and was just prepared for what was coming next. Chemo, surgery, radiation, the whole nine yards. I'm in your hand Lord––still hanging onto Proverbs 3:5-6. ( this scripture has been my rock )

This morning we went to my appointment with the anticipation of learning what a possible treatment plan would be. The doc led us into his office ( very punctual ) and laid out his findings thus far. He mentioned that "we have the breast cancer over here and the inconclusive or non cancer results over here for the bone biopsy". WHAT WHAT!!!! Our mouths dropped open. We quickly told him that was NOT what we had heard yesterday from his nurse. "She had said bla, bla, bla". and his expression said WHAT WHAT! I'll go talk to her right now––maybe she knows something I don't!!! We looked at each other as he left the room with hope.... When he came back he said "Forget everything she told you, she misunderstood me completely. We were amazed and delighted.

Now the doc toned us down a little saying that the test had not shown any cancer but further tests were needed. So later today I had another bone biopsy on the front tumor. Another full day at Northside Hospital––goody––not! Tuesday I'll have a PET scan with another full day at the hospital. But the doc says that we have to totally rule out cancer of the bone tumor and find out what is going on with those. But this is looking good. We are going from what we thought yesterday–––breast cancer stage IV ( the beast )––to breast cancer stage one maybe with as little as a lumpectomy and rads with the bone tumor maybe being totally unrelated. He could not emphasize enough how much difference this would be ( very positive ) and he admitted that it is the outcome he may be favoring with all the other findings of my testing- blood work came out perfect––full body bone scan was clean other than the two known tumors.

God has given us such encouragement today and hope that the road ahead is not as difficult as all were expecting. We could be surprised again and learn of unexpected outcomes but we will wait on the Lord to reveal all in his timing. Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers. We feel them all coming our way and making all the difference.