Monday, July 16, 2012

lumpectomy #2......
I didn’t expect this post! The surgeon called today to give me the completed pathology report from surgery done on July 6th. He'd "tell me the good news first." My lymph nodes were clear ( he’d already told me that ) and that my tumor was a centimeter in size and is classified as a stage-1 breast cancer. The bad news was that he is not happy with the margins ( the distance between the removed cancer cells and the clear cells ) achieved from the surgery and determined from the pathology report. So... I am to undergo another surgery this Friday to remove more tissue from the areas. It will be the same surgery but no lymph node biopsy or directive wire needed this time. As before, I will be asleep and the procedure will be done out-patient.

There are so many surprises! I hear this is not uncommon but it was unexpected for me and Kenn. We have been trying to get back to regular work schedules with our clients but I know they must be frustrated with our constant changing of their "day" or missing their appointment altogether. But what understanding and supportive people we work for!!!! Several have paid us even when we couldn't work and others are offering to support us for a while as needed.

God has really blessed us and provided our needs in so many ways these last couple of months. Family and anonymous donors have helped make up for lost revenue and we are so very thankful to all who have offered prayers, friendly support and financial gifts. The multitude of prayers on my behalf have resulted in miraculous answers of peace, positive prognosis, faith, provision and clear direction. We have many more steps ahead in the treatment for the breast cancer as well as the management of the rib tumors but our faith having been so recently strengthened surely will carry us through it all––thank you to all who have so faithfully been loving us in so many ways.