Wednesday, July 18, 2012

cancelled lumpectomy.....
Today’s appointment with my oncologist shed new light on the pathology report from the recent lumpectomy ( July 6 ). Because I have an EIC (Extensive Intraductal Component) positive status the risk of local recurrence is significantly higher. I still have the option of breast conservative lumpectomy but a complete removal of the breast with reconstruction is the choice that I am leaning heavily toward. So I cancelled the surgery on Friday until I have more time to consider options and do some more research on the matter.

If I opt for the mastectomy, then radiation will not be necessary nor would I have to have a mammogram every six months for the next 5 years. Either way I will have hormone therapy for 5 years. The higher risk of recurrence of the cancer in that breast is the main reason for considering the mastectomy over just taking more tissue out for better margins. My likely chances of more lumpectomies in the future in that breast would mean more carving at breast tissue and likely lead to a future mastectomy anyway. I have an appointment with the surgeon on Monday and will discuss my options then.

No more definite word on the rib/bone tumors. Because they are benign they can wait until after we deal with the breast cancer. Dr D has received conflicting opinions from the various thoracic surgeons consulted as to how to proceed. More doctors at Emory are being contacted––Dr D wants to find the best in Georgia to deal with this rare condition. He says that the surgery will be very complicated and severe––always something to look forward to!

No word yet on the insurance denials of claims. Humana is still investigating if the breast cancer and bone lesions are pre-existing and if they will pay for it all. They will pay but I'd love not to have to think about insurance right now. Thanks again for your many prayers as we make numerous decisions on my health management, business schedule, financial matters and more. Our spirits fluctuate between medium and high which is remarkable. God receives the glory for that!