Friday, January 25, 2013

more drama....
After my last post in December I just coasted the rest of the year through Christmas and New Year and planned on hitting the ground running in January to file taxes, catch up on correspondence and get my studio set up to paint.  Those plans were dashed when Kenn and I got the "flu bug" that was an epidemic. Mine developed into a bad Sinus infection and I was sick over two weeks. During the illness I developed symptoms of dizziness, short periods of numbness and paralysis and weakness in the left hand and arm and a couple of times I could not lift my left eyebrow. All this began upon taking an antibiotic for the sinus infection and the side effects on the Rx indicated numbness, muscle weakness and dizziness. I quit the antibiotics thinking that they were the cause but the symptoms persisted a few times a day for another week and I went to my primary doctor on Monday this week to have it checked out.

He sent me right away to the emergency room. After many tests that day I was admitted to Northside Hospital and remained there until Thursday afternoon (yesterday). I had CT's, Xrays, blood work,  sonograms, you name it. The conclusion was that I had been experiencing mini stokes, or TIA's. These can be warnings that a stoke could happen soon. The sonogram of my right carotid artery in my right neck showed blockage of some kind which had been decreasing the blood flow to the brain. After blood thinners, anti clotting injections, aspirin, and cholesterol medicine, the symptoms ceased and I stayed in the hospital for observation. I'll have surgery next Friday the 1st to have my artery slit open and scraped out.

You would think that I'd be upset about yet another condition added to my long list but I'm just so thankful and am blessed that I had this warning and avoided a stroke! Looking back at the disappointment of my rib surgery being delayed and cancelled in November, I'm convinced of God's intervention in timing and of his protection. With the developing blockage, I could have had a major stroke during the major surgery on my rib tumors if it had been performed in November. These are my thoughts and not from doctors but I'm confident that I'm being protected and cared for by my heavenly father. I thank him constantly that my left side is now symptom free, I'm feeling good and will have surgery to fix the blockage. There will be no permanent damage from these mini strokes!

Thank all you facebook friends that have left words of encouragement and held up prayers for me and Kenn. We continue to ask you to pray for provision during this time as well. God has been faithful to provide all our needs and will be going forward. We have not gone without yet and all is due to you many wonderful folks who have supported us financially and allowed God to provide through your generosity, sacrifice and loving care. Kenn and I are so appreciative and humbled by your gifts. We will be forever changed by the abundant love.