Saturday, December 15, 2012

time to reflect....
I've known the result of the independent review of my Humana Health Insurance denial for over a week now which was sooner than expected. I don't know if I was surprised that the denial was upheld. In fact, after reading the letter of the decision and sharing it with Kenn I just had no emotion at all and put the entire issue out of mind. I didn't want to write a post about it until I had time to process what I do think about it. To date I still have no emotion about it, just the assurance that this is God's timing and I don't have to think about it anymore. That is a great thing! All those appeals, letters and paperwork were just not fun. I will never regret doing my part in trying to right a wrong with the preexisting issue but am excepting defeat gracefully.

I have two months to get healthy again and prepare for the surgery in March. March 1 is when my policy has been in force for 12 months and Humana will cover any preexisting conditions. The delay will probably not effect the surgery in a significant way, but the denial of coverage for procedures done to date for the diagnosis of the rib tumors will remain. I continue to receive bills for various tests, images, and biopsies for the benign rib tumors but am having success receiving some financial help from some of the providers. The balances have all reached 90 days and the bill collectors are getting pushy. I've been pleased that most will work with us.

I'm always asked how I'm feeling. Until recently I have been feeling great but since my last little surgery on November 6 I've had some continuing physical discomforts as a result of antibiotics. In my last post I mentioned how several rounds of antibiotics over the last few months have caused me to have a candida yeast "overgrowth". This systemic condition continues and will for a while. Getting one's body back in balance with this is not a quick fix and the treatments always make you feel worse before feeling better. This is a result of “die off”of the yeast and the resulting toxins released into you system faster than you can eliminate them. So one has to pace oneself for a long and sometimes slow healing. The common symptoms that I'm experiencing are headaches, nausea, “fuzzy” head, trouble concentrating, fatigue, lack of motivation, depression, dizziness and drunk feeling. These symptoms are all debilitating and I'm having a difficult time doing anything more than what is absolutely necessary. My “to do” lists haunts me. The Christmas cards sit on the table, boxes are still not unpacked, thank you notes never written, no paintings on the easel and on and on. I have difficulty getting up at an early hour and have finally in just the last two days risen at a un-embarrassing hour. I only share this, so that those of you that have experienced a similar result from too many antibiotics can know that you are not alone or crazy. It is not in your head! Some docs don't have a clue. I know that I'll have to take more antibiotics with the next few surgeries but my current treatments for the yeast are to just try to keep it all in check as much as possible. Like I said I'll just have to eat a good diet and try to kill off as much yeast as possible. The symptoms should begin to taper off soon. I've dealt with this before a couple of times so have been down this road before, but just not to this degree. I'll leave it at that, I don't want to get on my candida yeast soap box! 

Thanks to you all for your continued support, prayers, an care for Kenn and I. If I don't post in the next 10 days, then I'll now wish you all a very blessed and wonderful Christmas!!!!!