Saturday, September 8, 2012

first surgery completed.....
The mastectomy of my left breast went well on Thursday. No complications and pain is managed well with the taking  of my meds on time. The most difficult thing is remembering not to use my left arm to lift anything over 5 lbs. I thought is was 10 lbs. but no - 5 lbs. Everything weights more than 5 lbs! I've been resting with the occasional walk to the kitchen or bath. Solitaire, word search puzzles, sleep, reading, radio, sleep, solitaire, tv, sleep is what my day has been like today. Rest is necessary for quick healing but so hard to do. I want to get up and clean the kitchen, etc.

Northside Hospital was wonderful. The nurses are all so caring and sweet, the private room was updated and large with a place for Kenn to sleep. He spent the night and went home a while the next morning before coming back for me later in the day on Friday.  I had two visitors at the hospital, I appreciated it so much but those visits really benefited Kenn as well. The waiting gets to be long and boring.

We were both tired today and rested all day. Kenn slept as much as I did. Food was delivered by friends yesterday and today and I understand more coming tomorrow. We are so well cared for and loved. Thanks again for all the prayers and support that is coming to us in a multitude of ways.

Post-op appointment is Wednesday and I hope to get the drainage tube out then. If I'm good then it should happen. It is important to limit movement to let the pocket created for the expander and implant to heal correctly. It is not uncommon for this to fail and have to be repeated. I'm being a very good patient.