Friday, August 31, 2012

end of cleaning business? and moving......
Yesterday was our last day of the cleaning business for a while, at least until next year. We will re-evaluate then to know if we will be continuing. It's sad to think of not seeing my cleaning houses and families on a regular basis. Many of our clients are "family" now and I will miss them. They are the best clients in the world and I /we have been so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve them all these years.

Yesterday, the same day that we finished up our business, our car died!!! There was a knocking sound and we went by Tony's, our mechanic, to have him take a look. We are about to throw a rod. He said " yep, it's dead, you may get it home before it locks up". We prayed all the way home and made it. It will sit in the drive until it's future is determined.  We now have three vehicles in our drive that aren't running.  Someone took us to Marietta to get my Dad's car ( thanks Mick ).  Praise God for provision!

We are doing something both necessary and crazy impossible. We are moving to Marietta to my Mom and Dad's house during the month of September and probably into October.  Their home is currently vacant due to them living in an assistant living facility while Dad recovers from open heart surgery. We are MOVING the same 2 months that I'll be having the two surgeries!  We have many folks standing by to help in the move but still there are many things that we have to do for ourselves to prepare and many decisions to make in our down sizing. I have less than a week before my first surgery on Sept 6 to accomplish what I personally need to do for the move.

This relocation is necessary because we are out of money and cannot work for a while. Saving our rent money by being at the folks house will help but our other obligations will continue, such as insurance, food, gas, utilities, storage unit fee, etc. We don't yet know how God will provide but he will, I trust Him more and more. Some of our able and generous clients have offered to continue paying us for various amounts and length of times so that will certainly help greatly over the next couple of months. Did I tell you they were the best clients in the world?!

I did finally mail off the insurance appeal to Humana. It was as long and extensive an appeal as they will ever receive! At least that is my opinion. Also a copy was sent to the Insurance Commissioner's office. Humana is still denying 90% of all claims due to pre-existing conditions. My claims are over $60,000. to date without the upcoming surgeries included! This all since June 4, 2012! I'm hopeful that this will be resolved in my favor.

Although I have been told by the doctors that I will not be able to clean houses for a long time they did say that I would be able to paint very soon. Yeah! That is what I want to do anyway!  This year so far I've only painted some in January and February and then my Dad had his open heart surgery. The next month my medical conditions took over and I've not been able to paint since and now I wonder if I still know how to! lol I do look forward to getting back to the easel.

This is what I believe. God is using our circumstances to direct our paths in new directions. Our circumstances are such that our path becomes narrower and straighter each day. We are now sliding down a very narrow chute and we are in a place to only trust that He is in control. I do! Yesterday with the car dying I just saw that as God just greasing the chute for us. lol The upcoming move is no longer a question but certain guidance. We don't want to leave Tucker but God has something in store that we can't see for now. I'm feeling very good and bless that we have a place to go and a car provided. And it is not like we will be moving that far away!  God is very good.