Tuesday, September 25, 2012

brief bits..........
The breast cancer is now being covered by Humana and some of the rib tumor claims also. Why some and not all? Ask Humana.

The rib tumors surgery is scheduled for voting day, NOV 6 at 8:30. It will go as planned unless the surgeon coordinator gets a "NO coverage" from Humana. Then I guess it will be after March next year when it would no longer be considered a "pre-existing condition". I don’t expect that to happen but the last 90 days has been chock full of surprises.

I’m feeling very good after the first mastectomy surgery. I’m still not lifting my arm or over 5 lbs––not because it hurts but in order to heal properly. Tomorrow I go to have the first injection of saline into the tissue expander. The drain will not be removed yet. ( the other bit of news about the mastectomy is that I had confirmation that removal of the breast was the right thing––the pathology from the removed tissue showed more cancer was in the breast ).

This last Saturday we had 7 helpers to pack and move lots of our "stuff" into a storage unit.  Huge thanks to all and to Cindi for providing us lunch! We feel very encouraged about the good start on the move that will be completed by the end of October. We are moving to my folks’ place in Marietta for the recovery if you have not already heard in a previous post.

Two fund raisers are in the works. These have been initiated by those who love and support us and are an extension of God’s provision. And we have been given gifts from a few our clients from our cleaning business, several who have continued to pay us for a few months through this ordeal, even though their homes remain just filthy, I’m sure! lol

With no current income and no more reserves we have been dependent on others for bills and out-of-pocket medical expenses. God has met our needs in various ways as I have mentioned above. Our landlord has also contributed to our need in allowing our initial deposit to pay for our last month October’s rent. Thanks Steve!

We are learning about receiving. It is a difficult lesson to learn as we are used to being on our own but the abundant love poured out to us is so very humbling––I’m in awe. Thank you, Lord Jesus.

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